Quick Update

This week’s post is going to be short and sweet, so I can spend a bit more of the long weekend sitting in my sweatpants and doing nothing at all.  No! I’m going to spend the time I would have spent writing something “witty” and “clever” here working on my next “witty” and “clever” short story, which I’ll post next week.  Or as soon as it’s done, whichever comes first (that’s right).

Over a month into the new year, here’s a quick update on how my New Year’s resolutions are going; I figure after spewing advice on the subject I should let everyone know that A) I practice what I preach and B) the gospel rings true (at least for me).  Below you’ll find a list of my resolutions, the grade I’m giving myself in each, and a blurb about how each one is going. … enjoy?

  • Work out 5x per week: A+. This afternoon I’ll have hit this milestone every week; I usually do Mon-Thurs at lunch and Saturday around 4.  Seems to be going pretty well, but hasn’t helped with…
  • 10% bodyfat by EOY: F.  This seems unlikely, but I’m blaming my scale.  Also, we’ll see how it goes when I give up drinking for Lent; I anticipate I’ll lose about 10-20 lb a week, which after 6 weeks should put me back below my birthweight.
  • Olympic triathlon: C. I went to a spin class this week.  It was hard.  My butt hurt afterward.  But once it’s not snowing 10-14″ every night, I’ll try to start biking into work.
  • Increase flexibility: F. I specifically pointed this out as a stupid goal, since it’s unquantifiable.  This continues to be a stupid goal.
  • 56 hours of sleep / week: F. This continues to elude me.  I will likely refocus my efforts here in March in an attempt to rededicate myself to it.  I have yet to hit this milestone.
  • Wake up earlier: A-. I’m batting about a weekly 50% on doing this 5 days per week, but the lowest I’ve hit is 4; I’m generally into the office by 8:00 or at least online and working in my apartment by 7:30 every morning.
  • 1 date per week: B. I touched on this last week, but I’m batting about 50% on this one too, currently at 4 dates.  That’s 4 more dates than I would have gone on otherwise!
  • Text / communicate with one long distance friend per day: A+. (There was a typo in the original post, I just noticed).  I’ve not missed a day!  It’s gotten easier as people have also started texting me out of the blue — it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Take dance lessons: C. I’ve not signed up, but I’ve heard there’s possible dance lessons on a cruise I’m going on in May, which I would take advantage of.  Also, a friend has volunteered to go with me near home.
  • Write / blog on a weekly basis: A+. Obviously going well.  Readership has increased to the double digits (in that I’ve opened my blog 12 times now).  Also, I tweet now @Carscafmoo.  Followership there is also in the double digits, as I’ve created many fake accounts that follow that one.
  • Join / Form a band: C. Attempts to jam with friends have been stymied by time commitments.  Further action necessary, but first I need more practice…
  • Practice music 2 hours / week: A. This one is actually going really well.  I missed the first week, but I’ve been learning guitar ever since (huge shout out to justinguitar.com), and I can now play a few songs and I’m learning more chords and the like.  In a month it’s easily the most I’ve learned on probably any instrument.
  • 2 Coursera courses: B. I signed up for my first one last week (it starts in March) and I’m looking for others; possibly music related, possibly computer science, who knows?  I’ve also thought about signing up for the one taught by one of the dudes from my favorite podcast, Backstory, but it starts on Monday.  I’d need to check out the format before committing.
  • Survive: C.  Still tickin’!

So, of the 14 resolutions, I’m hitting 100% (A+) on 3, passing 9 others, and failing only 2. I’ll try to post another update in a couple of months (I know everyone’s dying to find out how this turns out…) ; hopefully we’ll see some of those F’s become at least D’s.  In the meantime, this initial report card seems pretty good, considering the ~10% average success rate we were looking at before.  And you doubted me — shame on you.


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