So long…


… and thanks for all the fish!

About six months ago, I purchased the domain name with the goal of one day porting this blog over to it.  I optimistically suggested that would be done “by October,” which was just balls-to-the-wall crazy.  I could never do the three hours of work it took to export everything from here and put it over there in a mere six months.  Instead, I waited until this afternoon to do it and knocked it out in three hours.

You can check out the new digs over at — it should look really similar to this site, except with a few additional “About” pages, a newer simpler theme, and this post won’t be there.

A few things to note — if you are reading my blog and want to continue to read it, I think you should!  I’ll continue to post on the new site going forward, and hopefully I’ll do so more often.  I’m also aiming to have my posts be a bit more… targeted.  I’ll still post rambling nonsense, but more often than before it will have something to do with web development or coding in general.

Unfortunately, though, it costs money to keep this site up and point it to the new one, so I’m just going to shut it down.  I’m giving this notice a week in advance; I still need time to go through each of the posts and make sure the links work, since a lot of them link back to here instead of to the new site.  I’m aiming to shut down this site one week from today, at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 1 (no this is not an April Fools joke — who would even care?).

Finally, anyone who’s been going to regularly (which is extremely unlikely because why would you be doing this?) may end up with a redirect error to a 404’d page:


It’s not this one, but we can all wish it was.

It’s a surprising PITA to get around this, but for Chrome users I suggest you follow the accepted answer here; the gist is to go to Chrome Menu Chrome Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings… > Privacy > Click Clear browsing data… then select “Cached images and files” (and probably nothing else) and clear the browsing data.  If you don’t have Chrome, try it out.  It’s great? Or just move on with your life; what I’m posting probably isn’t that worthwhile anyway.


Thanks for reading!  I hope you continue to do so on my new site,


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